Chasing Waterfalls


A Photographer’s
Guide to amazing locations in Hamilton,

Burlington and Niagara.

Hey all!

So this is my first blog post on the new website and i’m excited to share some cool tips and tricks, locations and anything else you guys would like to know! I’m starting this blog to try and give back and inspire the next generation of creatives as i have been so i figured i’d start with something really practical.

Where to take pictures.

So i shoot in the area 6-7 days a week, if it’s not for businesses, the city of hamilton, BiAs etc i’m still out shooting for myself. This is something that i’ll probably make an entire blog post about but i believe very strongly in going out and doing and putting the time. So it probably doesn’t come as much surprise but street shooting , hiking and are some of my favorite things to do in Hamilton.

Hamilton has no shortage of amazing locations between the escarpment and waterfalls to the industrial gritty here are some of my favorite places with pictures from them. This was already getting long so it’s part 1 with part 2 in the works already:

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